The Celtic Tree Zodiac: Find Your Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar

The Celtic Tree Zodiac
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Everything you want to know about Celtic tree astrology and the tree horoscope: Discover the 21 tree signs of the Celtic tree calendar and find your tree zodiac!

▼ The 21 Tree Signs

About the Celtic Tree Calendar & Tree Horoscope

In the lives of the ancient Celts, the connection to nature played a much greater role than it does in the modern world. They lived in deep harmony with their environment and were intimately familiar and connected with every plant and animal in Europe. Trees occupy an especially important position in their rich mythology, astrology, as well as in the Celtic tree calendar. The Celts attributed specific qualities and unique characteristics to each type of tree, and these characteristics are reflected in the Celtic Tree Zodiac.

Depending on your birthdate, you belong to one of 21 tree zodiac signs organized in the Celtic tree calendar. This calendar assigns you a ‘Tree of Life,’ your tree sign offering profound insights into your personality. The beech, birch, oak, and olive tree are the ‘cornerstones’ in the Celtic tree calendar. They represent the tree zodiac signs of individuals born precisely on the Winter or Summer Solstice, or the Autumn or Spring Equinox. The remaining 17 trees in the tree horoscope symbolize a longer period in the annual cycle and their time recurs at different seasons—meaning there are, for example, Summer Lindens and Winter Lindens.

Together with Esus, a renowned Druid Master from Austria, and with support from a vivid community, Keltus has spent many years studying the energetic properties of trees. In this quest, we have relied on the ancient knowledge of the Celts and Druids and conducted countless experiments. In these, we used druid staves made from different trees in ritualistic settings to find out what effects are possible with each type of wood. Our work has led to fascinating results that have amazed everyone involved.

In our Celtic tree calendar, you will learn all about the unique features of the different tree signs, as well as the energetic properties of the trees and their wood according to old wisdom and our experiments. Dive into the world of the Celtic tree horoscope and let yourself be inspired by the secrets and wisdom hidden in your tree zodiac!

Trees do not grow,
they flow upwards
like a fresh fountain,
until they return their waters to the forest.
Everything is in the trees.
What's in the trees, is in us.

- Esus, Druid Master

Celtic Tree Horoscope: Overview of all Tree Zodiac Signs

  • Alder
    June 14-20 & December 12-20
  • Ash
    May 25 - June 3 & November 22 - December 1
  • Apple tree
    December 22 - January 1 & June 22 - July 4
  • Beech
    December 21 (Winter Solstice)
  • Birch
    June 21 (Summer Solstice)
  • Chestnut
    May 15-24 & November 12-21
  • Cypress
    January 25 - February 3 & July 26 - August 4
  • Elm
    January 12-24 & July 15-25
  • Fir
    January 1-11 & July 5-14
  • Hackberry
    February 9-18 & August 14-23
  • Hazelnut
    March 21-31 & September 24 - October 3
  • Hornbeam
    June 4-13 & December 2-11
  • Linden
    March 11-19 & September 13-22
  • Maple
    April 11-20 & October 14-23
  • Pine
    February 19-29 & August 24 - September 2
  • Poplar
    February 4-8 & May 1-14 & August 5-13.
  • Oak
    March 20 (Spring Equinox)
  • Olive tree
    September 23 (Autumn Equinox)
  • Rowan
    April 1-10 & October 4-13
  • Walnut
    April 21-30 & October 24 - November 11
  • Willow
    March 1-10 & September 3-12

Celtic Tree Calendar: The 21 Tree Zodiac Signs

The Celtic tree calendar houses 21 unique trees, each representing a different tree zodiac sign. Every single one of these trees, which were widespread throughout Europe during the times of the Celts and still make up most natural forests today, carries special significance. In the following, we invite you to embark on a profound journey of discovery through all 21 Celtic tree zodiac signs in the tree calendar. Each tree is presented along with its tree horoscope and our enlightening research findings on the subtle energetic properties of its wood.

Fir: Celtic Tree Zodiac

January 2 - 11, July 5 - 14
Lat. name: Abies alba
Tree horoscope fir

The Fir Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Life & Light

The Celts honored the fir tree, which they called Ailim, as a luminous symbol of the cycle of life. As a tree zodiac, the fir embodies an open, occasionally spirited nature. Are you born under the sign of the fir? If so, you are discerning, perhaps even a keeper of secrets. Your need for harmony and your open-hearted nature will lead you to a balanced life. You protect and nurture your loved ones and are valued for your great selflessness.

People with the fir tree as their Celtic tree zodiac are multi-talented, and their extraordinary intelligence can sometimes be misunderstood as arrogance. Yet, unfazed by such misunderstandings, they pursue their goals with remarkable ambition and diligence. Those born under the sign of the fir know precisely what they expect from life—a trait that makes them truly special.

The Energy of the Fir Tree

Fir Tree Energy Although fir wood has low density, it is a robust material that withstands all kinds of weather. We particularly value it for its cleansing and protective qualities. A piece of fir wood kept in the bedroom can induce particularly pleasant and intense dreams. Moreover, this special wood has provided us with strong energies for Druidic spells and rituals aimed at harmonizing our surroundings. A Druid staff made from fir wood is a wonderful companion for those seeking a deeper connection to nature.

> Your Druid Staff made from Fir Wood

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Elm: Celtic Tree Zodiac

January 12 - 24. , July 15 - 25
Lat. name: Ulmus
Tree horoscope elm

The Elm Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol for Justice & Trust

The elm was considered as the tree of justice by the Celts and symbolized trust in the providence of nature. To thrive, people with this tree zodiac require a suitable location that meets their high standards. Once they find this location, they absolutely brim with positive energy and zest for life!

Characteristic of people with the elm as their tree horoscope is their strong sense of justice. They are curious, tolerant, and courageously stand up for their fellow human beings. Furthermore, they are unshakable optimists to whom even strangers intuitively extend great trust. People with the elm sign therefore often become esteemed personalities in their social circles, taking on a key role.

The Energy of the Elm Tree

Elm Tree Energy Elm wood is known for its hardness and heaviness—many an axe has met its match against its resistance. This robustness is also reflected in the energetic properties of the elm: according to our experiences, it is excellent for directing natural energy flows, for charging magical objects, and for detecting special places in nature. Another noteworthy effect of elm wood is the heightened sense of protection it can provide.

> Your Druid Staff made from Elm Wood

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Cypress: Celtic Tree Zodiac

January 25 - February 3, July 26 - August 4
Lat. name: Cupressus
Tree horoscope cypress

The Cypress Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Loyalty & Adaptability

Originating from the Mediterranean, the cypress made its way to England in milder winters of past centuries, where it was honored by the Celts as a tree of loyalty. People born with this tree horoscope are typically loyal and adaptable, with a fighter's spirit and a heart in the right place.

Those born under the sign of the cypress are sociable and dislike solitude. They are impulsive in love and do not hesitate to take great risks for deep feelings. Once they find the right partner, their loyalty often lasts a lifetime. With keen intelligence and constant self-reflection, these individuals are well-balanced and know exactly where they stand in life.

The Energy of the Cypress Tree

Cypress Tree Energy The wood of the cypress has a simple structure and emits a delicate resin. It contains aromatic oils that protect the tree from pests. The Celts used the cypress primarily as a shepherd's staff to keep dangerous animals away from flocks. In our experience, a staff made from cypress wood often has a calming influence on excitable pets. Moreover, the wood is also attributed to have strong aphrodisiac effects and is commonly used in rituals related to love and fertility.

> Your Druid Staff made from Cypress Wood

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Poplar: Celtic Tree Zodiac

February 4 - 8, May 1 - 14, August 5 - 13
Lat. name: Populus
Tree horoscope poplar

The Poplar Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Wisdom & Eternal Youth

The poplar tree grows incredibly fast, a quality that the Celts believed represented the spiritual pursuit of heavenly wisdom. People born under the sign of the poplar are full of curiosity and love to try new things. They are quick learners and have an excellent sense for finding creative solutions.

People with this tree horoscope are generally considered likeable and engaging but can sometimes be polarizing. They exude inner beauty and seem to hardly age. Although they sometimes tend toward pessimism and nihilism, they are always a reliable rock for others to lean on.

The Energy of the Poplar Tree

Poplar Tree Energy Poplar wood is among the lightest in Europe. Its softness and elasticity, the fact that it hardly splinters and is easily split, make it particularly valuable. Energetically, the wood of the poplar is often used for dream magic and spiritual journeying, making it perfect for use in wands and magical tools.

> Your Druid Staff made from Poplar Wood

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Hackberry: Celtic Tree Zodiac

February 9 - 18, August 14 - 23
Lat. name: Celtis
Tree horoscope hackberry

The Hackberry Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Confidence & Care

The Hackberry tree, belonging to the hemp family, has a close connection to the Celts, reflected in its Latin name, Celtis. The Celts revered it as a symbol of confidence and mother goddess care. People born under the sign of Hackberry are strong, reliable individuals with a penchant for adventure. They are flexible, adaptable, and prefer a cozy family atmosphere.

People with this tree horoscope never lose sight of their goals and strive for successes in life. Sometimes they become impatient when success is delayed, and they must learn to deal with criticism constructively. Once this hurdle is overcome, nothing stands in the way of realizing their dreams. People with the hackberry as their Celtic tree zodiac often rise to the highest leadership positions.

The Energy of the Hackberry Tree

Hackberry Tree Energy Hackberry wood is extremely durable and weather-resistant. It is the ideal companion for hikes on various terrains. Celtic druids used it to stay safe and dry through the night under the energy field of a hackberry staff. We have found that hackberry has a particularly harmonizing influence on its environment. It can also be used for purification rituals. At rest, it helps its carriers find deep relaxation and recovery.

> Your Druid Staff made from Hackberry Wood

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Pine: Celtic Tree Zodiac

February 19 - 28/29, August 24 - September 2
Lat. name: Pinus
Tree horoscope pine

The Pine Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Wisdom & Longevity

The pine tree, an evergreen conifer, symbolized wisdom and longevity for the Celts. People born with the pine as their tree zidac sign are resilient, endowed with a deep sense of purpose, and able to navigate life's challenges with grace. They are naturally wise and often looked up to as mentors or guides.

Individuals with this tree horoscope have a built-in moral compass that helps them make ethical choices. They possess a deep understanding of life's intricate dynamics and an ability to inspire and uplift others. Their wisdom and foresight make them reliable leaders and excellent problem-solvers.

The Energy of the Pine Tree

Pine Tree Energy The wood of the pine tree is rich in resin, making it highly flammable and ideal for ceremonial fires. Pine wood is also known for its high vibration energy, making it useful in spiritual and magical rituals. Druids especially value pine for its ability to channel energies and for its spiritual grounding properties. This tree's wood provides focus, clarity, and helps facilitate deep meditation.

> Your Druid Staff made from Pine Wood

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Willow: Celtic Tree Zodiac

March 1 - 10, September 3 - 12
Lat. name: Salix
Tree horoscope willow

The Willow Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Empathy & Connection

The ancient Celts referred to the willow as "Saille" and saw it as a symbol for the eternal cycle of life. People born under the sign of the willow are resilient and empathetic, deeply rooted in the lives of those around them, yet often humble and modest.

While they appreciate the beauty in things, they value beautiful experiences even more, often reflected in a strong urge to travel. Furthermore, this tree zodiac frequently implies artistic talents and a strong desire for harmony. Willow-people are prone to daydreaming and often need to learn patience and foresight. Once mastered, they possess unshakable calmness, making them a stable pillar in their social circle.

The Energy of the Willow Tree

Willow Tree Energy Willow wood is known for its even structure. The energy of the willow is protective, purifying, and empowering. It has been observed to attract benevolent wild animals like deer. This is often noticed during rituals with willow wands, where these animals approach.

Not only wild animals but also pets seem to respond to willow wood. Willow chew sticks are used successfully in dog training. Due to the attractive aura of this tree, willow wood is recommended for amulets and jewelry. These can make a positive first impression in new encounters and thus win the sympathy of the viewer.

> Your Druid Staff made from Willow Wood

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Linden: Celtic Tree Zodiac

March 11 - 19, September 13 - 22
Lat. name: Tilia
Tree horoscope linden

The Linden Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Love & Truth

The linden tree is revered by the Celts as the tree of truth, but its heart-shaped leaves and sweet-scented blossoms also make it a symbol of love and life. This tree is ofen connected to a unique flow of energy. Many Celtic sacred sites feature thousand-year-old linden trees, which is certainly no coincidence.

People with the linden as their tree zodiac sign in the Celtic tree calendar are often characterized by a big heart and balanced nature. They are upright, honest, and lovers of truth. Linden individuals rarely complain and find happiness and satisfaction in the simple things in life. Although they sometimes tend to procrastinate, they are generally reliable and trustworthy. While they may appear introverted towards strangers, they show great devotion to friends and family and are rewarded with much love in return.

The Energy of the Linden Tree

Linden Tree Energy The energy of the linden tree's wood is light, soft, and resilient, and its annual rings are well-hidden. It possesses strong harmonizing and purifying energetic properties, which is why it is often used for protection and cleansing rituals. In everyday life, the energy of the linden tree is perceived as pleasant and relaxing. Staffs and wands made of linden wood seem to connect particularly quickly and firmly with the energy of people born under the sign of the linden. These individuals often report a deep harmony with nature, evoked by the energy of the linden. Special powers are also attributed to the leaves of the linden tree.

> Your Druid Staff made from Linden Wood

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Oak: Celtic Tree Zodiac

March 21 or Spring Equinox
Lat. name: Quercus
Tree horoscope oak

Note: The oak tree is the tree horoscope of all those born on the spring equinox. This day can fall on March 19th, 20th or 21st (depending on the year). Whether your tree horoscope is the oak, the linden or the hazelnut depends on your year of birth and the day of the spring equinox that year.

The Oak Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Protection & Vitality

The oak was a symbol of vitality and strength for the Celts. For Druids, this tree holds special significance. Even the name "Druid" is derived from the Celtic word for oak, Duir. Only those born precisely on the Spring Equinox have the oak as their tree zodiac sign.

According to their Celtic tree calendar, people born under the sign of the oak exude life force. They are unbending and unbreakable. Courage, bravery, constancy, and loyalty are among their strongest character traits. Like oaks in nature provide a protective shield for smaller trees, people born with this tree horoscope are protectors of their environment. With heart and mind, they master every challenge and often achieve outstanding feats in their lives.

The Energy of the Oak Tree

Oak Tree Energy The wood of the oak is heavy and hard. It is possibly the best wood for rituals involving the protection of places and people. It guides its bearer reliably on all paths and can help to recognize impending dangers early on. There is a strong connection between the oak and the third eye or forehead chakra. We have also observed that oak staffs have an exceptionally high "storage capacity." Especially on the days of the wheel-of-the-year festivals, they can absorb large amounts of energy.

> Your Druid Staff made from Oak Wood

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Hazelnut: Celtic Tree Zodiac

March 21 - 31, September 24 - October 3
Lat. name: Corylus
Tree horoscope hazelnut
The Hazelnut Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Wisdom & Inspiration

The hazelnut holds a special place in Celtic mythology as a symbol of wisdom and inspiration. People born under the sign of the hazel are keen observers who can quickly understand and respond to situations. They have a deeply philosophical nature and love to seek knowledge.

Those with this tree horoscope are generally considered intelligent and insightful. They have an innate ability to see the big picture and are often good at solving problems. They also have a knack for understanding patterns and are often involved in scholarly pursuits.

The Energy of the Hazelnut

Hazel Tree Energy Hazel wood is versatile and flexible. It is traditionally used in divining rods and pendulums. The wood's energy properties are best suited for rituals and practices that involve wisdom, learning, and personal growth. Druids often use hazelnut wood for making wands and staves that are intended to aid academic and spiritual pursuits.

> Your Druid Staff made from Hazel Wood

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Rowan: Celtic Tree Zodiac

April 1 - 10, October 4 - 13
Lat. name: Sorbus aucuparia
Tree horoscope rowan

The Rowan Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Foresight & Spirituality

The rowan tree, also known as the mountain ash, was considered by the Celts to offer protection against evil spirits. Its wood was often used as a talisman to shield its bearer from harm. Druids also used the rowan as an oracle to look into the future. People born under this tree zodiac sign are seen as true visionaries, particularly in social matters, as they appear to possess a special sixth sense.

With their pronounced talent for resolving conflicts, they are often natural diplomats. Concerning material things, people with the tree horoscop rowan are usually pragmatic, contenting themselves with what they truly need. They are empathetic and take responsibility for those around them, making them popular and indispensable figures in their social circles.

The Energy of the Rowan Tree

Rowan Tree Energy Rowan wood is moderately hard but very dense and heavy. Therefore, good tools are needed to work with it. Celtic druids often gave travelers a rowan staff to protect them from storms and other dangers. Such staffs have been successfully used to better gauge the weather before major rituals and to take appropriate precautions. Another known effect of the Rowan is the elicitation of protective feelings. We moreover value rowan wood for its remarkable energetic properties, especially in connection with the third eye and opening of the crown chakra.

> Your Druid Staff made from Rowan Wood

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Maple: Celtic Tree Zodiac

April 11 - 20, October 14 - 23
Lat. name: Acer
Tree horoscope maple

The Maple Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Creativity & Diversity

The maple tree was revered by the ancient Celts as a symbol of nature's diversity and the unity of life. The Celtic tree calendar appreciates the maple for its protective powers. As a tree zodiac, the maple embodies a strong will and inventiveness.

People with the Celtic tree horoscope maple are usually individualists who go through life with a lot of determination and creativity. They are communicative, but sometimes shy. At other times they surprise those around them with extraordinary ambition. Maples are full of original ideas and usually lead eventful lives that they can later look back on with pride. Their friends especially appreciate their inspiring and open-minded nature. In the family they may be perceived as an exceptional character, but they play an irreplaceable role.

The Energy of the Maple Tree

Maple Tree Energy The wood of the maple tree is dense, strong and elastic. When used in rituals, it allows negative energies to be diverted in order to harmonize the environment. Druids and other practitioners successfully use energized maple wands to subtly cleanse the environment. Maple wood is also valued for its protective and stimulating aura. It has the ability to stimulate creative forces, which can lead to impressive results.

> Your Druid Staff made from Maple Wood

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Walnut: Celtic Tree Zodiac

April 21 - 30, October 24 - November 11
Lat. name: Juglandaceae
Tree horoscope walnut

The Walnut Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Intelligence & Passion

The walnut tree symbolized the beginning of spring for the Celts and stood for lust and passion. In the Celtic tree horoscope, it occupies a special position that spans a long period. People born under the walnut sign are attributed high intelligence, energy, and inner strength.

People with the tree zodiac sign walnut are decisive but also warm-hearted. Their nature is often spontaneous and impulsive, occasionally leading to extremes. When their hearts are ignited, everything else takes a backseat. Walnuts have diverse interests and are often true multitaskers. They are resilient and go through life unflinchingly. In the family, they often take on a supportive role.

The Energy of the Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree Energy The wood of the walnut tree is hard and less elastic. Among druids, it is especially appreciated for its durability and reliability. Beyond its common use for harmonization and protection rituals, there are reports of strong aphrodisiac energies associated with walnut. During the nights of the Celtic moon festivals, we have repeatedly used staves made of walnut wood to gather the special powers of the night. Impressive results are possible in this regard.

> Your Druid Staff made from Walnut Wood

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Chestnut: Celtic Tree Zodiac

May 15 - 24, November 12 - 21
Lat. name: Castanea
Tree horoscope chestnut

The Chestnut Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Wealth & Beauty

Known to the Celts as the tree of honesty, the chestnut is revered for its striking beauty and abundant fruits. People born under the sign of the chestnut are naturally truth-seeking and loving. Their pronounced sense of justice makes them valuable and esteemed individuals.

Chestnuts are energetic and committed, and others appreciate them for their keen diplomatic sense. They are not only good listeners but also have a strong sense of humor. Their family finds them irreplaceable, and they stand by their loved ones in difficult times.

The Energy of the Chestnut Tree

Chestnut Tree Energy The wood of the chestnut tree is both durable and versatile. It is known for its ability to create a harmonious environment. Druids commonly use it for protection and harmonization rituals. The chestnut tree is also known for its healing properties, particularly in the realms of mental and emotional health.The chestnut has a calming effect on animals, and impressive results have been achieved with it in animal communication. Clairvoyant people often experience a strengthening of their abilities when they come into contact with chestnut wood. In divinatory rituals of all kinds, it can provide profound insights. As our druidic research has shown, the energy of the chestnut appears to merge with that of the hazelnut. This allowed us to observe overwhelming phenomena.

> Your Druid Staff made from Chestnut Wood

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Ash: Celtic Tree Zodiac

May 25 - June 3, November 22 - December 1
Lat. name: Fraxinus excelsior
Tree horoscope ash

The Ash Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Magic & Acumen

The ash tree was revered by the Celts as a magical life tree closely associated with witchcraft and the realm of gods. Druids frequently used its wood to craft their wands and staves.

People born under the sign of the ash are truly enchanting characters! They are creative minds who highly value individuality and possess a fascinating aura. They are often the first point of contact for any kind of problems within their circle of friends and family. Their vivacious demeanor is appreciated and admired by many. People with this Celtic tree zodiac sign sometimes also display a special talent for perceiving signals from the ancestors and the spirits of nature.

The Energy of the Ash Tree

Ash Tree Energy Ash wood is notably strong and more elastic than oak. The energy of this 'magic tree' is extremely versatile and can be reliably used in various druidic rituals. Protection spells and cleansings are often performed with energized ash staves. We also had positive experiences in establishing contact with the spirits. The ash tree is undoubtedly a tree with special energies that offer great potential and can lead to further impressive discoveries!

> Your Druid Staff made from Ash Wood

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Hornbeam: Celtic Tree Zodiac

June 4 - 13, December 2 - 11
Lat. name: Carpinus betulus
Tree horoscope hornbeam

The Hornbeam Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Taste & Harmony

The Hornbeam was considered by the Celts to be the tree of good taste. People born with this Celtic tree zodiac sign place great importance on aesthetics and have a pronounced sense of beauty. They are pleasure seekers who strive for harmony and enjoy life to the fullest.

An admirable quality of people with this tree horoscope is their passionate nature. Although they can sometimes have hedonistic tendencies, they are generally characterized by reason and prudence. In their interpersonal relationships they are sensitive and loving, take a lot of time for others and are always ready to offer support. In the Celtic tree calendar, hornbeams are considered to be particularly resilient and have a natural instinct to protect those around them from harm. Thanks to their reliability and communication skills, they form deep and far-reaching social connections.

The Energy of the Hornbeam

Ash Tree Energy The wood of the hornbeam is one of the heaviest and hardest timbers in all of Europe. The ancient Celts already described the hornbeam's ability to stimulate creative energies. In fact, the energy of the hornbeam seems to be a particularly good companion for artists and all other creative minds. Bards and poets particularly appreciate them! Our observations show that a hornbeam staves have a particularly pleasant effect on the indoor climate, whether when studying or working. It is also good for protective spells and storing protective energies.

> Your Druid Staff made from Hornbeam Wood

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Alder: Celtic Tree Zodiac

June 14 - 19, December 12 - 20
Lat. name: Alnus
Tree horoscope alder

The Alder Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Courage & Foresight

The alder tree was associated by the Celts with the transition from this world to the afterlife. Its roots were considered channels to this mystical realm. People born under the alder tree zodiac sign are often independent yet popular characters.

Those with the alder as their tree horoscope are free spirits with a sharp mind and a keen sense for dangerous situations. They emerge unscathed from all adventures and are emotionally sensitive and vulnerable. Offenses by close people hit them particularly hard. Known for being good listeners and advisors, they are reliable confidants for friends and family. As a tree horoscope, the alder therefore is a sign for particularly supportive individuals that provide stability for the people around them.

The Energy of the Alder Tree

Alder Tree Energy Alder wood has a particularly fine and even structure. Celtic druids used it for communication with the afterlife as well as for festive rituals and incantations. Our experience suggests that an alder druid staff allows ots bearers a very special connection to nature, which is sometimes perceived as an exchange of positive energy. Especially during the night of Samhain, the alder is a popular companion of many druids. Our investigations into the potential of the alder during this special night will continue!

> Your Druid Staff made from Alder Wood

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Birch: Celtic Tree Zodiac

June 20 or Summer Solstice
Lat. name: Betula
Tree horoscope birch
Note: The Birch is the tree horoscope for those born on the Summer Solstice, which can fall on the 20th, 21st, or 22nd of June depending on the year. Whether your tree zodiac is Birch, Alder, or Apple depends on your birth year and the day of the solstice that year.

The Birch Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Nature & Fertility

The birch was sacred to the Celts, who revered it as the tree of eternal youth because it is the first tree that begins to bloom in spring. Its branches were used to drive out evil spirits. The sweet sap of the birch tree, also known as the “juice of life”, is still valued today for its revitalizing effects. People with the tree zodiac sign Birch were born on the summer solstice and are often outstandingly fortunate character. They are true bundles of energy with diverse talents and interests.

In the Celtic tree calendar, birches are perceived as elegant and pleasant in their environment. Their warm and gentle nature make them popular. People with this speical tree horoscope tend to act pragmatically when making decisions. Ardent optimists, they proudly lead the way and others do not hesitate to follow them. Birches often take on a leadership role in their community. Their family appreciates their loyalty and willingness to help.

The Energy of the Birch Tree

Birch Tree Energy Birch wood is used in various Celtic rituals and spells. It is a tree associated with renewal and growth, and as such, it is often a part of Spring Equinox ceremonies. Many people carry a small piece of birch wood as a talisman to promote growth and new beginnings in various aspects of their lives. It is a deeply spiritual tree, and its energy is highly revered among the Celtic community.

> Your Druid Staff made from Birch Wood

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Olive tree: Celtic Tree Zodiac

September 23 or Autumnal Equinox
Lat. name: Olea europaea
Tree horoscope olive
Note: The Olive Tree is the tree zodiac for all those born on the Autumnal Equinox, which can fall on the 22nd, 23rd, or 24th of September depending on the year. Whether your tree zodiac is the Olive, Linden, or Hazelnut depends on the year of your birth and the day of the Equinox in that year.

The Olive Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Energy & Maturity

The olive tree symbolizes the beginning of autumn for the Celts and holds a special position in the Celtic tree calendar. Only those born on the autumnal equinox have the olive tree as their zodiac sign. People with this outstanding tree sign are considered balanced and open-hearted. Often, like their tree, they have special talents, particularly in the area of spirituality. Their harmonious nature and unwavering inner peace radiate positively on their surroundings.

Those born under the sign of the olive tree are seen as charismatic personalities with a magnetic pull. Though they often have many options available to them, they are cautious and selective in choosing their partners. They take time to carefully evaluate who they want to spend their time with. Known for their absolute loyalty and reliability, these individuals often achieve noteworthy success in life even if they do not always seek out praise and recognition.

The Energy of the Olive Tree

Olive Tree Energy The 0live tree has a unique wood that grows slowly but becomes harder than oak or beech. It is resistant to pest attacks and valued for its noticeably high density. Due to its properties, the wood of the olive tree can store a particularly large amount of positive energy. It is thus excellent for energetic experiments of all kinds. In the right hands, a druid staff made of olive wood can produce significant results. However, according to our experience it is not a 'beginner's wood'. Due to its particularly strong energy, we recommend olive wood only for advanced druids.

> Your Druid Staff made from Olive Wood

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Beech: Celtic Tree Zodiac

December 22 or Winter Solstice
Lat. name: Fagus
Tree horoscope beech
Note: The Beech tree zodiac sign belongs to those born on the Winter Solstice, which can fall on either December 21 or 22 depending on the year. Whether your tree zodiac is the Beech, Alder, or Apple tree depends on your birth year and the exact date of the Winter Solstice in that year.

The Beech Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Wisdom & Winter

The Celts revered the beech tree as the mother of the forest and it represents those born on the Winter Solstice. People born with this tree zodiac sign are as majestic as the beech itself. They possess a noble disposition and good taste that clearly emanates from them.

Although individuals with this tree horoscope may sometimes lean towards materialism, they are excellent conversationalists in deep discussions. They maintain long-lasting friendships and are known to be rationalists who often seek the middle ground and act as mediators in conflicts. Thanks to their strong personalities, they stand firm in life, even when fate puts them to the test. They are resilient and not easily thrown off course.

The Energy of the Beech

Beech Tree Energy The beech has particularly hard, heavy wood with high load-bearing capacity. We first experimented with beech during the Winter Solstice festival and immediately noticed that this tree is strongly connected to Earth's energy. Even the smallest twig of the beech seems to carry the entire knowledge of the forest within it. Its intense, directing energy can be very clearly felt. The beech is now increasingly used by dowsers as well. In druidic rituals, the energy of the beech can also have an impressive impact on the weather.

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Apple: Celtic Tree Zodiac

December 22 - January 1, June 21 - July 4
Lat. name: Olea europaea
Tree horoscope apple

The Apple Tree Sign in the Celtic Tree Calendar: A Symbol of Love & Life

In the Celtic tree calendar, the apple tree symbolizes fertility and love. People born under this tree zodiac sign are warm-hearted and inviting, and often popular in social settings. As hosts, they organize phenomenal gatherings and events. In addition to their big hearts, they are also known for their strong love for animals.

Individuals with this tree horoscope display inner beauty and have a special sense for harmony. As a result, they often work in professions with a social background. Their need for peace and love is strong, and they have high expectations for their partners. However, they would never intentionally break a heart if it can be avoided. They value happiness and harmony in their relationships and work to maintain them.

The Energy of the Apple Tree

Apple Tree Energy The wood of the apple tree grows slowly and hardens over time. Due to the pleasant, positive vibrations it emits, it is well-suited even for those who are inexperienced in handling its intense energies. An apple wood staff is a beautiful companion for all nature walks and outings. Additionally, the apple tree is a popular choice for gifts to loved ones who will be protected by its energy.

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