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Keltus brings the secret powers of the ancient Celts to life in your hands. With the once-lost knowledge of the druids, we enable people who are in touch with nature to experience their environment and the energy of trees anew through their personal druid staff.

The druid staves are collected by an experienced druid master at a Celtic sacred site, where they are charged with positive energy during a druidic ritual. This ensures that the future bearer of the staff is always accompanied by the power and harmony of the staff on his or her journeys. The timing of the ritual and the materials used are precisely tailored to meet the requirements of the recipient of the staff.

It's especially important that the wood harmonizes with the individual's Celtic tree zodiac. Through meticulous work, Keltus has breathed new life into the hidden knowledge of the druids and thoroughly researched the energetic properties of the 21 trees in the Celtic tree calendar.

Energized druid staves have harmonizing effects

Crafted According to Druidic Tradition

Only natural wood, which has been willingly returned to the forest by the trees themselves (usually in the form of fallen or driftwood), is used in the making of the staves. The druid master collects this wood from a hidden sacred site, specifically for the future bearer. Depending on the unique requirements of the staff bearer, the druid master selects the perfect timing for the ritual, based on the Celtic wheel of the year and taking into consideration the phases of the moon.

In doing so, the druid master ensures that the energy of the staff is in harmony with the spirit of the bearer, allowing them to benefit from its cleansing and protective power on their journeys and hikes. With some practice, the staff bearer may even learn to not only feel the energy but also to focus and control it. For particularly strong results, the druid staves can also be equipped with a power crystal or a protective rune.

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Feel the flow of energy

The Story of Keltus
The Secret of the Druid Staves

Until not so long ago, the secret of the druid staves was only known to a small group of people. According to legend, Esus, one of the last great druid masters and named after the Celtic god of pathways and travelers, crafted walking or pasture staves for some children and young men who grew up in the vicinity of his forests. He had charged these staves with special energies through a druidic ritual.

Altogether, there were said to be 21 staves, one for each tree in the Celtic tree calendar. According to old tales, the ritual might have taken place during the near-complete Venus transit on June 6, 1761 (in the Gregorian calendar), at Celtic sacred place in the Austrian Alps.

The young bearers soon reported miraculous effects from the staves they had received from Esus. Particularly friendly forest animals seemed to appear on their journeys, as if attracted by the staff's energy. The staves reportedly drove away poisonous snakes and rabid foxes. The bearers also felt increasingly light-footed and secure on their paths, encouraging them to delve deeper into the forests and discover more about their inhabitants and secrets. Thus, the staves crafted by Esus accompanied their owners for many decades, providing positive effects to them.

'20-years and not a drop of water on the way home from the harvest,' said a farmer who had been equipped with a linden wood staff by Esus as a boy, according to local lore. The 21 staff bearers are said to have led long, fulfilling lives, frequently drawn back to various Celtic sacred sites along the Alpine forests, likely guided by the energy of their staves. Although many of the staves were passed down through generations, they are all considered lost today. The last traces fade around the end of World War I.

However, the secret of crafting the staves has survived. The Keltus druid circle uses the knowledge passed down through generations about the power of trees, the special energy flows at Celtic sacred sites, as well as celestial events and moon phases. This enables more people to have a druid staff by their side, as well-guided as the 21 staves of Esus once guided their bearers. Since 2017, we have been able to equip hundreds of people with a Druid staff in this manner, mostly in the German-speaking world. Since 2023, we offer these powerful staves internationally.

How to Find Your Druid Staff

Keltus advises individuals who love and admire nature, and who wish to intensify their connection with the trees and the forest, in choosing the right wood and equipping their staff.

Once it's decided from which tree's wood the druid staff should be made, the druid master visits the forests surrounding a Celtic sacred site to find the appropriate staff and crafts it using ancient techniques. Depending on the requirements of the future bearer of the staff, the druid staff is then refined through a druidic ritual.

This ensures that the bearer will always be in harmony with the energy of the staff on their journeys and hikes. It is designed to protect the bearer from harm and cleanse their surroundings of negative energies. Bearers of a druid staff will learn about their environment and themselves on their nature walks and may even discover how to use the staff's energy deliberately. For particularly impressive results, the incorporation of a power stone, a crystal, or a rune is also possible.

To carry the staff's energy in everyday life, we offer to craft a protective amulet from a slice of the energized druid staff that one can always keep close.

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Find Harmony with Nature

Why Keltus?
Celtic Druid Staves in Action

Anyone who becomes a bearer of a druid staff experiences nature like never before. There are now hundreds of people who are equipped with an energized staff from Keltus and regularly perform collective rituals. They consistently report back to us with their astonishing experiences and encounters. Even though the bearers experience a wide range of effects, they generally find the impact of the druid staves to be cleansing, protective, and empowering. Active users frequently employ their staff for protection spells and cleansing rituals, animal communication, tree magic, as well as for all sorts of spiritual and energetic work. Passive users particularly appreciate the pleasant aura and harmonious influence the staves exert on their surroundings.

Additional areas of application largely depend on the interests and talents of the staff bearer, as well as the energetic properties of the wood used and the timing of the Druidic ritual. staves that are energized on one of the festival days in the Celtic Wheel of the Year, such as Samhain or Beltane, often carry a particularly potent energy within them.

Release Your Powers!

Bearers of a druid staff also share the experience that their staves repeatedly help them locate ancient or very personal places of power. Dowsers have successfully used the staves to detect water veins. Communication with the world of ancestors often happens in astonishing ways. Others tell id about harmonizing effects that become noticeably present when they simply place the staff in their bedroom or garden.

We also frequently hear about encounters with deer and other wild animals that seemingly lose their fear of humans. A bearer of an apple tree staff (one of the sacred trees of the Celts, symbolizing the joy of life and closeness to nature) reports that a family of dormice consistently meets him at the same spot during the summer months and accompanies him to his sacred place.

The enhanced connection to nature, and the staff's empowering and cleansing effects, are why Keltus wants to make the experience of the druid staff accessible to more people. Although the druid master has little time to share with the outside world, we manage to provide a limited number of druid staves for selected individuals throughout the year.

These staves are selected in harmony with the future bearer's tree zodiac sign and collected at a Celtic sacred site. The wood is crafted according to ancient druidic craftsmanship, initially appearing as a natural walking or guiding staff.

Upon request, power stones, crystals, or quartz can be incorporated into the staff to induce or amplify specific effects. For an especially strong connection, runes can also be etched into the staff. Afterward, the staves are energized in a ritual and are ready to be handed over to the new staff bearer.

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Staff Bearers Share Their Stories
Stories & Experiences from Druid Staff Bearers

Ever since Keltus breathed new life into the tradition of druid staves, a continuously growing circle of staff bearers has emerged, with whom we are in active exchange. They support us in our research by regularly sharing their experiences with their druid staves. During the major solar festivals in the Wheel of the Year, we invite them to joint rituals where we get to experience the 'Power of the 21'. Below, you will find testimonials from bearers of druid staves in their own words:

"I'm truly speechless. I unpacked the staff and it was as if I were meeting an old friend again and greeting them. The staff has a knot hole at the top that looks like an eye, and it confirms for me that nature has a soul, just like my Druid staff. Thank you for that."
- Thorsten, bearer of a Cypress druid staff

"My Druid staff arrived yesterday on the Summer Solstice 🥰. Wow, its energy was already radiating towards me through the packaging, and last night it gave me a peaceful sleep!"
- Andrea, bearer of a Hornbeam druid staff with a Tiger's Eye power stone

"Upon arriving at my sacred place, I held my staff with both hands and immediately felt cosmic energy flow from the gemstone, through the wood, and toward the Earth's core. I also felt as if burdensome energies were absorbed by the staff and taken deep into the Earth. I felt cleansed, like the spring that originates at my sacred place. I arrived home well-grounded and invigorated."
- Harald, bearer of an Elm druid staff with a Rose Quartz power stone

"It has a strong grounding and clarifying effect, so simple yet expressive! The stone on top shines like a beacon. Very beautiful and very healing. I'm excited to have joined the circle and am looking forward to my first encounter with nature! Many thanks to the druid master! The staff is a great enrichment!"

- Brigitte, bearer of a Hackberry druid staff with an Obsidian power stone

"Our first meeting, in a joint meditation, was pretty powerful. It felt as though two old friends had found each other. A flood of information and images poured over me. Simply too much for the moment. We agreed to take it slow, to give ourselves time and to slowly build up our connection. Often we went for walks in the forest. I can only confirm that forest animals stay put even when you're quite close. This happened with a deer about 1.5 meters away. Birds and even crickets in the meadow feel the power of the staff. They flew after us, and the crickets changed their chirping rhythm. By now, we've conducted several meditations and rituals together, and it's becoming easier to enter into a state of peace and energy. Thank you for letting me find you, and thus my staff found me."

- Christoph, bearer of an Ash druid staff

"My staff and I are growing together. And that in multiple senses... When I took it to my place of power for the first time, my staff immediately connected with the place and Mother Earth. At the gateway to the ascent, I took off my shoes and leaned my staff against a tree. It sank knee-deep into the forest floor!"

- Alexandra Maria, bearer of a Willow druid staff with a Moonstone power stone

"When I think of 'her,' my right hand tingles. The being always lives in my bedroom... even in my bed. During rituals, this powerful being accompanies me. She manages to calm and appease me. At night, she stands at an angle in front of a bedroom window. Since then, these are the first nights of my life where I sleep deeply. An interesting experience. She is infinitely gentle in her energy flow, yet extremely powerful."

- Selmiara, bearer of a Linden druid staff with Obsidian

"First update on my druid staff:
- it radiates an overwhelming calm
- it touches deep into the heart
- I immediately made contact with it, and it looks exactly as I saw it in meditation
- I used it today during a treatment (that was intense... my client has a growth in her belly, and after I took the staff away, some parts of the belly became hot)"

- Romy, bearer of an Elm druid staff with Red Agate

"The Druid staff is beautiful. Exactly the imagined color and so smooth. Upon first touch, a slight tingling immediately flowed through my hands."

- Via, bearer of a Birch druid staff

"The energy of the staff is very gentle and yet strong at the same time—like Mother Earth. With it, communication with the trees and the energy of the place is much easier and happens much faster and more harmoniously. [...] I could also much more easily give healing energy to a sickly tree. All the time, a group of deer, including young ones, were grazing nearby. Butterflies came to visit me—Red Admirals—and accompanied me the whole week during every meditation with the island. During the entire week, I have never seen so many animals—birds of prey, seabirds, rabbits, butterflies, deer, etc. And all were very relaxed, and I felt ready for good communication."

- Kirsten, bearer of an Apple Tree druid staff with Clear Quartz and Tiger's Eye

"The Druid staff is wonderful. It accompanies me in all shamanic activities."

- Bernhard, bearer of a Beech druid staff with Clear Quartz

"This wonderful energy, this feeling and sensing as one with the Druid staff, this feeling and sensing how everything mixes inside and out. This endless energy as I swung the Druid staff was simply a homecoming on all levels. How everything dissolves that no longer belongs, this peace in the whole. Yes, it's a miracle, the whole thing in addition to my other work. This strength and harmony, this being connected, being one, this blind trust and yes, I have the help of everyone."

- Helene, bearer of a poplar druid staff with Moss Agate and protective runes Eadha & Ailim

"My staff and I are one; we are both connected."

- Jan, bearer of an Ash druid staff

"I just received my beautiful staff with amulet. Both are so indescribably beautiful, and the energy it carries deeply touched my heart. I immediately felt merged with the staff and can sense how we mutually seek our proximity. I want to thank you and the Druid master from the bottom of my soul for this wonderful and indescribable opportunity to live and share this life with my staff. I cannot put into words what this means for me!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️"

- Jasmin, bearer of a Poplar druid staff with Clear Quartz

"HE is here. What a moving moment. I can hardly put my feelings into words. At first touch, I was flooded with the lightness of a child, complete innocence yet strong with its own character..."

- Kai, bearer of a Hornbeam druid staff with Sapphire power stone

"Since the staff arrived, the energy at my home has become even more positive. I can almost call it harmonious. All negative energies are gone from my trailer. I had my son's dog for 10 days. He is sick. But because the staff stood at the sleeping place, he slept well and tolerated the change of food."

- Karin, bearer of a Hazel druid staff with Rose Quartz and the Sun Rune Coll

"I myself conduct ancestral field and incarnation healings. With the staff, it's easy to open and activate the elements and portals."

- Vera, bearer of a Rowan druid staff with Lapis Lazuli power stone

"When my druid staff arrived and I unpacked it, I sank to the floor, my knees went weak, and I felt a strong electrical current numbing all my senses. After a few minutes, I was fine again, and since then, I sleep more peacefully, and in meditations, I feel the connectedness of everything."

- Yves, bearer of Partunaax, a Hornbeam druid staff with Pyrite

"I felt the power of the staff. On the first day, it was like electric shocks, a tingling, and I felt warm. I was short of breath. After this experience, my three ravens flew towards me and sat right in front of me on the fence. They've been my companions for a while, but they never came this close. A few days later, after using my staff, the three flew with me for half a day, accompanying me everywhere. [...] Also, the behavior of other animals has changed, whether foxes or deer—they stay calm or walk along instead of running away."

- Petra, bearer of a Fir druid staff

"I perceive the staff very intensely. It's next to my bed every night; I dream very intensely and still remember my dreams in the morning. My sensual perception has also become stronger. [...] I spend a lot of time in our garden with it. We now have many more birds, bees, etc. Even the plants are beautiful despite the drought we've had. He is also always with me when I communicate with animals. The connection with the animals is much, much stronger than without the staff."

- Elisabeth, bearer of a Cypress druid staff with Lapis Lazuli power stone

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